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Welcome to Storybook Entertainment

Looking for some entertainment for a party or event or looking to add some sparkle to your nights out?


You've come to the right place...I am an independent Face Painter and Interactive Story Teller.

~ Red Riding Hood ~

Meet our newest addition to Storybook Entertainment.

Red Riding Hood, the little girl who went skipping off to Grandma's all those years ago is now all grown up and has many friends and creatures who live in the woods with her. Red will bring with her tales of the woods and tales of much loved children's classics in her hand woven basket.


Red's exquisite Cape of Red with Paisley pattern lining was expertly handcrafted from the gifted hands of Venus Vault. Our costumes here at Storybook Entertainment are designed by us and Lorna McCormack at Venus's Vault and tailored to perfection. We take pride in the originality of this beautiful character we have brought to life and that of those who will follow in the future.

To see more of Venus Vault work please visit her Facebook Page.

Why hire a face painter?


Face Painting is an attraction and is guaranteed to pull a crowd at any event. It's a big hit with the grown ups as well as the little people. I paint to a high standard and charge competitive prices for my work. I supply my own table chair and kit for every event and ensure my kit is fully stocked and cleaned before each event.

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